The Flower Music Garden Tour is an immersive sound installation set in one of the gardens at Alchemy Farm. In response to current events, we made the difficult decision not to open the gardens for tours during the travel restrictions. Instead we’re hosting a virtual Flower Music Garden Tour, featuring 15 flowers, to give you a glimpse into the magical world of flowers and the music they create! 

Now everyone can experience Alchemy Farm’s Flower Music from anywhere in the world. Welcome to Alchemy Farm and the music of our flowers!

Alchemy Farm

Flower Music Garden Tour

Alchemy Farm, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

The Alchemy Farm Flower Music Garden Tour shares the music created from the bio-energy of the flowers themselves. The music you hear was not composed by environmental artist,  Ingrid Koivukangas, the creator of the garden installation, she co-created the music with the plants using a device called, Music of the Plants. What you are hearing is the bio-energy of the plants converted into musical notes—there has been no editing or enhancing tracks and any pauses in the tracks are the flowers themselves pausing during the recording process. Each flower has its own unique song! This virtual tour includes 15 Flower Songs out of over 60 that Ingrid has recorded from the over 120 different kinds of flowers we grow here at the farm.

During a garden tour at Alchemy Farm visitors use their phone or tablet to scan a QR code to listen to the music of the flower they are standing in front of. Come and visit us next year to experience the tour in person!

A Walk Through The Flower Music Garden… 


Alchemy Farm Flower music

Listen to the Music of Some of our Favourite Flowers






About Alchemy Farm






We grow gorgeous flowers on our 10-acre farm on Salt Spring Island, in beautiful British Columbia. We grow in tune with the seasons, without chemicals or pesticides, providing safe homes and food for pollinators—plus flowers for humans to enjoy. We teach flower workshops, intuitive workshops and we are also the home of the Alchemy Flower Oracle, Eco Heart Oracle, Apothecary Oracle (2021)  and Alchemy School. Get our free 8  Pollinator Friendly Tips for Your Garden Guide and receive email tips to help bees and pollinators!

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Winter 2021

What Alchemy Farm Visitors Are Saying…

“This is an amazing place. You have made a wonderful garden with such beauty and variety—and to be able to hear the sounds of the flowers’s energy was a unique sensory experience!”

“A magical experience. I loved discovering the beauty and energy of the flowers. The oracle cards, meditation and flower music are powerful—these will stay with me long after my visit.”

“What a beautiful way to spend my birthday! The smells, bees, sun and flower music are so calming. I love the sounds of the Himalayan Honeysuckle, it’s my favourite.”

“Thank you for the incredible healing experience. It was uplifting to be able to connect to the energies of the flowers through sound. A loving and memorable experience.”

“Thank you for holding space in your beautiful healing garden. Thank for letting me explore all my senses in your flower garden.”

“It has been an absolute joy to experience your beautiful and peaceful garden—great vibrations!”

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